The First International Conference on Business, International Relations, and Diplomacy (ICOBIRD) will be held on November 7th 2012. The theme ICOBIRD 2012 is Contemporary International Relations: an ASEAN Context. We kindly invite participants from various backgrounds including academics, students and graduate students, policy makers, as well as industries to join us either as presenter or listener. We welcome submission of papers that address the conference themes. Authors may consider any of the sub-themes listed below, but need not limit their options to these themes.

1.    Indonesia and Regional Economic Architecture
2.    Maritime Security and Border Management
3.    ASEAN and Energy Security
4.    Media, ICT, and Global Governance
5.    Local Dimension within Regional and International Settings
6.    Multi-track Diplomacy and Foreign Policy
7.    Contribution and Relevance of IR to Business and Industry
8.    ASEAN+3: Challenges and Opportunities
9.    ASEAN in the Global Community of Nations
10.  ASEAN Connectivity
11.  Human Rights and Civil Society in ASEAN
For further information, please visit ICOBIRD official page