International Seminar

The Role of Science and Technology in Promoting Food Quality, Safety

and Nutrition Toward Food Sovereignty

Organized by Food Technology Department, Faculty of Engineering, BINUS University in

supported by Indonesia-UK Food Security Consortium

Venue : Alam Sutra Main Campus, BINUS University

August 21, 2014

(Free Registration Fee, Participants by Invitation Only)


1. To disseminate the comprehensive role of Food Science and Technology in Sustainable Food Security

2. To Share current issue on Food Safety, Food Security and Nutrition towards Food Sovereignty in Indonesia

3. To collect input from experts as Food Technologist for priority research line

4. To draw attention in exploring Indonesian biodiversity for optimum utilization as food ingredient

Venue and Time

Thursday, August 21, 2014

8.30 am – 4.30 pm

Alam Sutra Main Campus,

BINUS University, Jl. Jalur Sutera Barat,

Alam Sutera-Serpong, Tangerang 15143


Sustainable food security in a world with a growing population, changing diets and changing climate need to be achieved. More food is needed in the future, while climate change means less food production potential and poor people will be hit the hardest.

Producing food healthier, tastier, and safer along the food chain for consumers is challenging to achieve sustainable food security. The role of Food science and technology to response the challenge in achieving sustainable food security is really expected. By exploring under utilized crops, marine, livestock and beneficial microbes in term of nutrition and function may produce local food ingredients and will be able to develop healthy food, and functional foods based on local wisdom to achieve food sovereignty in Indonesia.

Participants :

125 – 150 participants of Food Technology students, lecturers, researcher and experts

 Participants profile

Speakers : 8 persons

BINUS Top management : 13 persons

Food Tech 70 Students from BINUS University and representatives from other


FM Food Tech BINUS University : 8 persons

NUNI members : 21 representatives/Delegates

Indonesia UK Food Security Consortium members :14 delegates

DII SM/adm : 10 persons

Head of Food Technology Departments : 30 delegates

Food Industries, GAPMMI 20

Organizing Committee

Steering Committee               : Rector, Vice Rector V, Dean

Chairperson                             : Dr Ingrid S Surono, MSc

Secretary                                  : Rachel Paskah Kurnia

Scientific committee              : Wiwit Amrinola, and 9 students

Logistics                                   : Dede Saputra, and 4 students

(Microphone, sound system,

airport transfer)

Consumption                           : Lola (CMC) and 3 Students

Registration                             : Rani Anggraeni and 4 Students

Documentation                       : Dede Saputra, BINUS TV and photography

students external curriculum

Handout and                           : Rachel and 4 students

Program Book

MC: Laily Alfa Citra, via Christy


– Dr. Roy Sparringa (BPOM-RI)

– Diane M Barret PhD (UC Davis, USA)

– Prof Hidefumi Yoshii (Kagawa University, Japan)

– Prof Dedi Fardiaz (SEAFAST Center, Dept ITP-IPB)

– Prof. Kapti Rahayu Kuswanto (Unisri, UGM)

– Prof Rindit Pambayun (PATPI, Unsri)

– Prof Purwiyatno Hariyadi (SEAFAST Center, Dept ITP-IPB)

– Dr. Ingrid S Surono (BinusUniversity, Dept Food Tech)


• 08.00-80.30 Registration

• 08.30 – 08.45 Welcome remark (Binus Rector)

• 08.45 -10.15 Keynote (Moderator: Prof. Bahtiar Saleh Abbas-Binus)

– Dr. Roy Sparringa (Head of NADFC-Indonesia) : The role of food safety in

food security

– Dr. Diane M Barrett (UC Davis USA) : Harvesting and postharvest

handling system for tropical crops (fruits, vegetables, tubers)

– Prof. Dedi Fardiaz (SEAFAST Center, IPB) : Science-based Risk

Analysis in Enhancing Food Safety in the ASEAN

– Panel Disusssion

• 10.15 -10.30 Coffee break

• 10.30 -11.45 Session 1 (Moderator: Prof. Ir. Eni Harmayani, PhD)

– Prof. Dr Ir. Rindit Pambayun (PATPI) : Technology Development for

Better Quality Foods

– Prof. Ir. Purwiyatno Hariyadi, PhD (SEAFAST Center, IPB) Formulating the Real Value of Foods : The Role of Science and Technology Toward Food Sovereignty

– Prof. Dr. Ir. Kapti Rahayu Kuswanto (Slamet Riyadi University) :

Microbial Safety Enhancing the National Food Security Program

– Panel Discussion

• 11.45 -12.45 Ishoma

• 12.45 -13.45 Session 2 (Moderator: Prof. Zulkarnain)

– Prof Hidefumi Yoshii, Kagawa University, Japan) : Encapsulation of

functional Foods by spray drying

– Ir. Ingrid S Surono, MSc, PhD (Food Technology, Binus University) :

Utilizing tubers as local wisdom for food ingredients

– Panel Discussion

• 13:45 – 14:30 Book Launching

• 14.30 -14.45 Coffee break

• 14.45 – 16.15 Discussion on Research Highlight (Food Security Consortium)

For Registration, please contact:

Ms. Rakhel Paskah,


phone: 08122834868

Registration close Friday 15 August 2014