Risa, R. Simanjuntak, Head of English department and Akun, a Faculty Member of our department joined a team of 37 English department representatives of  Indonesia’s Universities  to discuss the statute of a newly formed Association of English Studies in Indonesia ( ESAI ). In Indonesian, the Association goes by the name Asosiasi Studi Inggris Indonesia  ( ASII).

The 1 day workshop  was a follow up event from the UI initiative conference  back in September 2014. The main objective of the workshop was to create a set of rules / statute for an Association which will bind its nationwide members. Risa and Akun fulfilled the invitation and participated actively during the discussion.

Making the best use of their times while in Yogyakarta, Rusa and Akun went to visit the English department of Sanata Darma University and had  a small comparative study session with the Head of the English department, Ana Fitriani.  The three discussed the curriculum and the breakthroughs that each of the department has developed in curriculum, alumni relations and industrial partnerships. Risa felt that both departments have shared many good practices and innovations. Risa and Akun were contented and grateful   to have the opportunities in participating in the workshop and to have met Ana and many other colleagues from 37 universities [irf].