Soegijapranata Catholic University, Sultan Agung Islamic University, and Diponegoro University collaborate to host:

NUNI Presidential Forum, Annual Meeting and Student Camp 2017
“University as the backbone of social leadership in the global society : development of coastal area of Semarang” 21-23 October 2017

Terms of Reference:
University as part of a community has a social responsibility for the human development of the community. Human development should include all aspects of creating a whole person education. However, the development of social leadership in the higher education can sometimes be overlooked since the education usually only focus on the intellectual development. Therefore, innovation in education that is effective in supporting the development of social leadership in society is needed.
Social leadership has a broad definition. One of those is the ability of a person to transform him/herself for the betterment of the community. The transformation should aim on empowering every layer of the society which will create a new social structure to finally transform the country.
Considering the role of a university in community development, the university is responsible to flourish intellectual actors that have not only intellectual capabilities but also good social leadership. Therefore, an integration between innovative teaching-learning methods and social leadership development is needed in the framework of the higher education. The integration is hoped to bring forth a new seed that will transform the society in the future. Universities need to be actively involved as the frontline of education to transform students into the actors which will apply the knowledge they got in the society. Involvement from various institution, such as government and private sectors, also becomes crucial in the social leadership education.

In NUNI presidential forum (23 October 2017, venue: Soegijapranata Catholic University),  we cordially invite each of you to give your innovative and applicative ideas in identifying the potential of developing social leadership and to contribute in formulating the development plan of what becomes the future higher education framework; in order to fullfil the university’s role as the powerhouse of social leadership in society.
Just before the presidential forum, there will be a student camp (21 October 2017, venue: Diponegoro University) where the students are given opportunities to develop their social leadership skill specifically in addressing the problem of coastal area in Semarang. Trasformative leadership is needed to solve various problems faced by the society that are living in the coastal area. Among others, the problems faced are poverty and environmental problems. Oftentimes, the effort to solve coastal problems is not effective and efficient due to the lack of social leadership in the intellectual actors. Therefore, an inspirative transformation could not occur. Students from various field of study, various universities and originating from various parts of Indonesia hopefully could bring their knowledge, expertise and their local wisdom together to come up with a solution to the coastal problems that may occur.

To continually update and evaluate past activities, in addition to discussing future NUNI activities, which includes Student Camp, Lecturer’s and Staff Mobility program; an Annual Meeting is organized for 22 October 2017 (venue: Sultan Agung Islamic University).

Through this event, a network will be formed to build and to support the following areas of:
1. Innovation in Teaching-Learning Methods
• A framework to develop social leadership that is innovative, aplicative, creative, multi-discipline and inclusive to all institution in the society

2. Higher-education framework
• The creation of an environment that will encourage the transformation of social leadership development through Three Pillars of Higher Education

3. Improvement of University
• The exchange of lecturers, researchers and student between institution
• The continuity and development of the network

Keynote speakers:
1. Very Rev. Herminio Dagohoy, O.P., Ph.D.
Rector, University of Santo Tomas, The Phillipines
2. Prof. Dr. Ir. Y. Budi Widianarko, MSc
Soegijapranata Catholic University, Semarang

Available lodging:

  1. Noorman’s Hotel
  2. Patra Semarang Hotel
  3. Grand Candi Hotel
  4. D’Family Guest House (for Student Camp participants)

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