To start with, this metal detector comes with a large search coil that will pick up even the tiniest finds without delaying you. You will also love the fact that this metal detector has a metal deep detecting mode. More to that, this metal detector comes with a 10×14 inches submersible search coil. Transmitting electronic pulses to the ground PI are highly sensitive to coins, jewelry and relics but yet not affected by ground minerals or wet sand. While most metal detectors don’t give very accurate depth readings, the Titanium Camo fared the best in our tests and was an easy, fun metal detector to use.

The Tesoro’s Sand Shark is one of the best underwater metal detectors for the money, and yet a simple beast! The AT Pro has superb automatic or manual ground balancing which is essential in VLF machine that can handle saltwater and high mineralization, plus the super fast recovery time means you aren’t standing around bored whilst someone else finds the gold. You might want to do something a little different at a beach, you might want to put on your snorkel gear and scour the shallow water or you might even want to put on your wetsuit and go searching around a shipwreck with a scuba metal detector. Finding the top rated waterproof metal detector though can be tough which is why we have gone through all the key features here. Using a metal detector can be a fun and rewarding experience and using a submersible metal detector can add an extra level of excitement as you try and find the treasures that can be locked beneath the waves with your water bounty hunter.

PI metal detectors work by sending short bursts of electronic pulses into the ground. The antenna consists of 12 independent transmission and receiving windings for the electromagnetic field in order to satisfy the detection needs and to provide sufficient data to determine position, dimension and depth of the target.

This commercial-grade metal detector is used by treasure hunters, commercial diving companies, law enforcement agencies, and military units worldwide. Of interest in Pulse Induction detectors is their working depth and that forms the basis of their use in underwater treasure hunting. Tector is a compact metal detector that has an all-enclosed body that makes it waterproof up to a depth of 200 ft. The Pro Pointer AT is the best metal detector if you are looking for something that is easy to maneuver with under the water.

This is basically a device that operates using specific frequencies to detect specific metals. The detectors are generally pro level, so if you are a newbie it might be an idea to consider an entry-level machine and digging on different terrain.

Our final verdict is that the Fisher CZ21-8 Underwater Metal Detector is a very good product for use by serious treasure hunters who want a high degree of accuracy and versatility, but want to be able to use it on land also. If you have a waterproof pulse metal detector, it will come in handy not only in water – on land its performance is not less, the depth of detection will pleasantly surprise you. If your task is to go around the beach, search not far from it and you will maximum get waist-deep under water, you should get a waterproof metal detector for beach hunting. Which means that a waterproof metal detector is a device capable of functioning both on the ground (moreover, it was designed for this) and under water at insignificant depth.

The Pulse 8X weighs only 4 pounds which is great for an underwater metal detector. The Pulse 8X has a heavy duty construction, but that is something you want when going on an underwater metal detector adventure.

The Tesoro has a leg up on other models because it has the ability to pick up on treasures between 12″ and 18″ below the surface of the ground (or sand). The affordable price tag puts the Tesoro in range for people who want to try ocean treasure hunting but don’t have more than a thousand dollars to spend. This machine is particularly good at finding gold chains underwater and very few of the other detectors on the market can do that.

This waterproof metal detector enables you to have a wider area for treasure hunting, since it has waterproof search coil which can be submerged into water up to 100ft, in wet or highly mineralized grounds. ???Ease of Maintenance?- The underwater metal detector is an IP68 waterproof unit with a 10″ search coil is shielded with plastic, and the shaft that the coil is connected to is made of aluminum. If you’re hunting in water its best to have the best underwater metal detector which is entirely waterproof.

Almost all the metal detectors have water resistant shafts and coils but what about the control box? This is another excellent product for scuba divers and snorkelers who want to get into metal detecting. However, this detector is only for underwater use unless you want to have it as a pinpointer.

The TTLIFE underwater metal detector has a depth capacity of up to 100 feet hence you can use this device on your scuba diving or snorkeling trip. When going for underwater metal detecting mission, you should take waterproof metal detector VLF (very low frequency) for fresh water. If you want to go prospecting for gold and treasures in the water, an underwater metal detector is a must-have tool. The Garrett Sea Hunter MK II is a pulse induction underwater metal detector with a nose for eliminating most of the junk you’ll come across on land or underwater. You can also use an underwater metal detector on land – they work just as well on land as the non-waterproof models.

This waterproof metal detector works on a 15kHz frequency to find the small stuff with the 0-99 target scale ID to indicate what’s beneath. The Garrett AT Pro (that’s AT for all-terrain) has a large search coil and the detector is entirely waterproof to ten feet. A: When you’re using a metal detector over land then they obviously want the device to be as light as possible so that it is easy to handle and easy to move. Due to these factors there are a few key areas to check before you make your decision but in regards of how they operate, you can defiantly use a waterproof metal detector on land. The whole body of the detector isn’t waterproof but the search coil is so this is ideal for those who want to hunt for treasure in those shallow waters.